Penny's Passion: Zipping Up That Little Black Dress - By Yourself

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Zipping Up That Little Black Dress - By Yourself

Have you ever practically dislocated your shoulder trying to zip your dress all by yourself?  We have all probably, at one time or another, been standing by ourselves in our dress wondering how the heck we're going to get this thing zipped up.  Well, here's some pointers I found around the net.
I got this little tip from the Bookshelf Boyfriend blog.
zipping up a dress
This simple tip uses items you’ll have around and means you no longer need to strain your shoulders trying to zip up the back of your top or dress yourself (or rely on grabbing a passing stranger when there’s no one else no one else around to help you!).
Tools required: Large safety pin, length of ribbon/string approx 1m long
Difficulty rating: 2
Can be done by one person
Timescale: 2 minutes
Step 1: Tie one end of ribbon/string through the circular end of the safety pin, tying a knot to secure it in place
Step 2: Secure the safety pin through the hole in your zipper
Step 3: Put the dress on
Step 4: Hold onto the string and slowly pull it upwards – your zipper will zip itself completely up
Step 5: Reach behind the nape of your neck and undo the safety pin carefully and remove it from your dress
Another option would be the ZipHer found here.  It will run you around $20.  If you need a tutorial on how to use it, check out the below video.
Hope these pointers help you!  Don't let being alone stop you from putting on that cute dress and stepping out. 
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  1. Stopping by from the link-up. That is pretty brilliant.

  2. Thanks for joining the link up! This is such a great idea- can't believe I never thought to do this!