Penny's Passion: Thanksgiving Is Coming

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thanksgiving Is Coming

Thanksgiving is right up there as one of my favorite holidays.  I was just talking to my friend Linda this past weekend about Thanksgiving and we both agreed it was one of the more stress free holidays where you can truly enjoy the time with your family.  The menu is pretty set (who doesn't have turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving?!?), you don't have to worry about the whole gift exchanging, and decorating isn't as elaborate as Christmas.

I'm linking up today with some blog friends to talk about all things Thanksgiving.  I'm going to highlight some of our decorations.

Let's start with the front door.  Thanks again to my friend, Carol, for a wonderful Fall welcome wreath.  

We have a ledge between our first and second floors.  It's so easy to throw some leaves up there to give it a touch of Fall.

This is the year of the mantle for me.  I decided one of my goals for the year was going to decorate the mantle each season.  Here's what I came up with for Thanksgiving.  The banner is super simple to make.  The burlap banner flags were purchased at Hobby Lobby.  I painted chipboard letters, glued them to the flags and used baby clothes pins to attach them to a ribbon.  Easy peasy.  

The tray made a quick transformation from Halloween to Thanksgiving my removing the Halloween items and adding a turkey.

This little gold frame stays on the sink of our guest bathroom.  You can find the cutest free printables on Pinterest!  I try to keep the frame filled with something new and fresh by changing the picture frequently.  Here's our Thanksgiving edition.

Little touches of pumpkins and pilgrims appear throughout the house.  These little guys have been around since Ian's first Thanksgiving 23 years ago.

Speaking of Ian -- I always loved putting little notes in his lunchbox.  I gave some of these adorable Thanksgiving Lunchbox Notes to my Kansas City friends to slip in their kids lunchboxes.  

I'll be posting my dining room tablescape a little closer to Thanksgiving.  Setting a pretty table is a passion of mine.  And this year I'll should have enough silver to go all around the table thanks to the good fortune I had in finding a matching set to my grandmother's pattern.

Enjoy the days leading up to Thanksgiving!  Fall is only here for a short time so soak it in.  I'm going to enjoy all things pumpkin a little longer before we have to move over to Christmas and all things peppermint take over.

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  1. Love all your festive decor. You really made your home look super welcoming and cozy for Thanksgiving. Very talented, lady!

  2. Love your decor!! This is making me a little sad I didn't get my act together for this year but I'm saving lots of good ideas for next :) Can't wait to see your tablescape, I'm sure it's going to be gorgeous!

  3. That wreath is beautiful! I love the quote as well. Great ideas.

  4. Love the decor, Penny! Especially the wreath, and adorable banner!

  5. I love your mantel!! I'm always thinking of new ways to decorate ours for holidays, it makes the house feel so festive! That wreath is gorgeous too!

  6. Love your mantle!! And those Thanksgiving lunch box notes are way too cute :) :)