Penny's Passion: Weekending - May 15, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekending - May 15, 2015

Summarizing my weekend a little late today -- boy coming back from vacation is harder than I remember it being!  We drove home on Saturday from Gulf Shores and what should have been a 12 hour drive turned into a 14 hour drive when Eric made a wrong turn coming out of Memphis.  Anyone who knows me is probably shaking their head thinking poor Eric.  You're right -- I definitely didn't handle it very well!  I tried to keep thinking of these memories to stay calm.

But before the debacle on Saturday, Friday was a great day.  We spent our final day on the beach and decided we would run into town for dinner.  The people from the resort pointed us towards Mikee's Seafood and we were not disappointed.  The Parmesan Oysters were fabulous.  We each had red fish with etouffee on top.  Great vacation last meal!

Saturday was spent in the car.  No, you don't want to hear about it -- it was bad!  I was cranky, the drive was long - not a good combo.  On a very positive note -- some of my work friends did something so special on Saturday.  My friends Tammy and Janet had signed up for a Couch to 5K program and had been training for 10 weeks.  TEN WEEKS!!  I can't seem to get myself to work out ten times in ten weeks!  These ladies were so dedicated and really stuck with it.  Soooo, on Saturday they ran (and finished) their first 5K!!  So proud of them!!  You guys are GREAT!

Sunday was chore day.  I did manage to slip in some strawberry picking at our local orchard, Eckert's.  Nothing is better than fresh picked strawberries!  I'll be sharing a strawberry spinach salad recipe on Tuesday made with my freshly picked berries.

Check out what others were up to this weekend.

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  1. 14 hours in one day would make anyone cranky, at least you had good memeories to look back on. And chores the day after getting back from vacation is the pits. At least you got some strawberry picking in.