Penny's Passion: Weekending - November 11, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

Weekending - November 11, 2016

Well, it's back to work for me this Monday morning after a glorious week off.  Eric and I packed quite a bit into our week of vacation -- visiting Nashville (post about it HERE), Asheville and then taking a pit stop on our way home in Louisville to visit Churchill Downs.  It was a much needed break from our normal routine and we both came home on Thursday night feeling refreshed.  I'm excited to share the details of our trip, but for now I'll cover what went down over the weekend.

Friday morning I got up ready to conquer the day.  I love multitasking and Friday morning I was on top of my game!  The laundry was going, my Silhouette was cranking out a craft project and I was unpacking all at the same time.  Eric and I ran a few errands in the afternoon and then it was off to my girls night out.  Great day!

My friends Carol, Sherri and Tracy and I were getting together Friday night to celebrate Sherri and my birthdays.  We met up and drove together to Trattoria Marcella.  Gotta love a good Italian meal!

Upon sitting down, you are served warm rolls with hummus.  Yum!  We all chose the lobster risotto for dinner, but the highlight for me was the starter salad.  

The waiter heard we were celebrating birthdays and surprised us with tiramisu for dessert.  Happy birthday to us!

I'm so thankful for friends like these girls!  They are fun, thoughtful and always there when you need them.  

As productive as Friday was, Saturday was just the opposite!  Eric and I had started watching a couple episodes of The Crown on vacation and did a little lot of binge watching on Saturday.  We watched six episodes on Saturday!  No multitasking -- just laying in bed watching television.  I got up just in time to get ready for the wedding we attended Saturday night.  Did anyone else watch it?  

It's a good thing I rested all day because we had a wonderful time dancing the night away at Alyssa and Brad's wedding!  They had a beautiful wedding and reception at a local winery.  Very fun times!

Alyssa is my daughter-in-law, Kayla's sister.  She made such a stunning bride!  We felt honored to be able to share her and Brad's big day with them.

Remember the craft project I said I worked on Friday morning ~ well, here's the result.  I got to make the table cards for the reception.  She cleverly named each table a type of wine.  

After church on Sunday, we drove to Eric's home town of Staunton, Illinois to celebrate his mom's birthday.  Her birthday was actually while we were gone on vacation, so we were a little late.  We had a wonderful afternoon eating at the local Mexican restaurant, visiting and working on a puzzle.  Happy belated birthday, Sue!

Sunday night we watch the remaining two episodes of The Crown.  We are officially through this season.  I'm in love with Claire Foy (who plays Queen Elizabeth).  And John Lithgow - oh my goodness.  I will be shocked if he doesn't get some award nods.  

Just like that it's Monday already.  Lots of work to catch up on, but vacation was definitely worth it.  How was your weekend?  Hope it was great!

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  1. What a fantastic weekend! We had mexican on Sunday as well! Have an awesome week!

  2. Obsessed with The Crown as well! Such a great Netflix production.Looks like you had such a good time at the wedding!
    Happy Monday, Penny xxx

  3. We did wine table names for our wedding too - one of the trademarks that people to this day still remember.

    I love how she hand wrote each table name card.

  4. Just found Netflix and I am right there binge watching with you. I am so loving the new original series that they are producing. Thanks for sharing your weekend with us. Looks like a lot of fun.

  5. Looks like you had a nice weekend. You have a lovely blog, Penny!

  6. Congrats to the newlyweds. Looks like you had an enjoyable birthday.