Penny's Passion: Weekending -- We Were In Nashville!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Weekending -- We Were In Nashville!

Happy Monday!  Eric and I are on vacation this week and I'm so looking forward to spending some extra time relaxing.  Here's our relaxed faces ~

Friday was Eric's birthday and we celebrated over dinner that evening with Ian and Kayla.  We choose a place close to home since we had to pack for our trip after we finished.  Peel Brewing Company is one of our favorites so that's where we headed.  Just can't go wrong with their signature wings and brick oven pizza.  Eric added a flight of beer since it was his birthday and all.

We got on the road early Saturday morning to head to Nashville.  Neither of us had spent any time in the Music City, so we were pumped to explore the city.  To get to Nashville, we drove past Metropolis, Illinois - home of Superman!  We couldn't resist the urge to check it out, so we drove the 3 miles off the highway to get some pictures with Superman himself.

If you are ever driving by, the little jaunt off the highway is worth it.  Plus there's a Dairy Queen in town, so after your visit with Superman and the Superman museum you can top off the visit with an ice cream treat.  Definite win!

We arrived in Nashville by early afternoon and checked into our hotel.  I had made the decision to find a hotel that wasn't going to cost us an arm and a leg.  The Sheraton Music City Hotel won.  The entry from the rode made me extremely hopeful - it was beautiful.  The lobby kept my hopes high.

Sheraton Music City Lobby

Then came the rooms.  Yep, we were getting what we were paying for.  They are fine - clean and spacious.  But definitely could use a little updating.  We had to search for outlets and bathrooms were old school.  Overall though, I'd still make the decision to save money on the room.  One great thing was there's a shuttle that picks up at the hotel and takes you downtown.  It leaves the hotel every hour and costs $10.  It leaves downtown every hour on the half hour.  We hopped on the shuttle soon after arriving and headed to Broadway.

Lunch was first on our list to get accomplished.  We had heard great things about Puckett's so that's where we went.  We started with fried green tomatoes - YUM!  My dinner was the Piggy Mac - a layer of pulled pork topped with mac and cheese.  It was good!

Next we headed to Broadway to check out the honky tonks.  Many of them had roof top bars so were able to work off our meal by climbing all the stairs to reach the top floor.  The views from up top were worth it.  

After getting an extra hour of sleep from the time change on Saturday night, we were well rested and ready for some adventure.  Eric loves history and we thought a tour of Belle Meade Plantation would interesting.  

Upon arriving, we went to the Harvest House for a late breakfast first thing.  I had the salmon eggs Benedict.  They were delicious!

After breakfast, it was on to the plantation and grounds tour.  This site has quite the history to it and a tour of the plantation house was a great way to hear the story of the family and the horses that made this location famous.  

Then after the tour, we did a wine tasting from the winery right on the property. 

When we finished at the plantation, our next stop was the one and only Grand Ole Opry.  You can't come to Nashville and not visit the Grand Ole Opry!

From there we went to the 12 South district to check out another restaurant that was highly recommended - Burger Up.  They serve local beef from farmers who treat their cattle humanely.  Cool atmosphere and great food.  

The whole 12 South area is fabulous.  Tons of eateries and unique shopping.  It was fun walking around and checking out the establishments.  We even found a cupcake ATM!  It was too tempting not to try, so we got a couple cupcakes to bring back to the hotel for a late night snack.

What did you do over the weekend?  So glad I'm not heading into work today, but instead heading to the mountains!  We are going to drive over to Asheville, North Carolina to finish out the week.  Have any suggestions on things we should do there?  We are planning to visit the Biltmore and hopefully do a couple hikes.  Let me know if there is something else you would suggest.  

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  1. Interesting post for me because we went to Nashville and didn't care for it, but we didn't do anything of the things you did. Makes me think we should go back and give it another try. We went to Andrew Jackson's home, I was torn between that one and Belle Meade. I really liked Andrew Jackson's home, especially the grounds and gardens, but would love to visit the other one. I remember seeing all the roof top bars, but hubby and I don't drink, so we never went inside any of them. I never thought to go inside just for the view. I'll have to pin this in case we ever go back.

  2. Going to Nashville is at the top of my travel bucket list! I want to see so many places and try so many restaurants. :) The home of Superman looks like so much fun!

  3. Thank pizza looks sooo yummy! Nashville is so fun. I'm glad ya'll liked it. I've been there once but my husband goes for work every so often. But neither of us have spent much time in the 12 South area. We gotta check it out next time!

  4. Wow, you did a lot! I have always wanted to go to Nashville, one day I'll get there! :)

  5. OMG, the food in this post looks delicious! Mouth-watering! Glad you guys are having such a wonderful time - enjoy your vacation and Happy belated Birthday to your hubby! xxx

  6. Love love love Nashville!! Next time you'll have to stop at the Loveless Cafe ;)

    Sheraton is the oldest & lowest performing part of our spg portfolio. Some are super nice, others need major upgrades. Downtown Nashville location is top notch!

  7. Nashville is one of my favorite cities to visit. There's so much to see and do. I was there in June and we had so much fun, there are so many neighborhoods to visit, shop etc. The Country Music Hall of Fame is truly one of the best Hall of Fames there is. As for Asheville - I really do recommend going to see the Grove Park Inn and if nothing else, having a glass of wine on the terrace. The setting is stunning at sunset and a must see. Certainly go to Biltmore, it will be decorated for Christmas. Have a great week.

  8. I cannot wait to go to Nashville! I'm such a country music junkie and want to visit so bad. That pizza looks amazing!