Penny's Passion: Let's Give a Little (or a Lot)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Let's Give a Little (or a Lot)

If you haven't noticed, today isn't just any Tuesday.  It's Giving Tuesday! 
Last night we had the opportunity to attend an event at the St. Louis Area Foodbank where several past and present St. Louis Blues players came out to support feeding the hungry people in our area.  We had a blast!  But more importantly, it made me start to think about all the people in our community who are not able to feed their children.  How can we make situations like this better?

Thoughts might be swirling in your mind about how money is tight in your family right now or you really don't have much you can give.  Well, every little bit counts!  You really don't have to give much to make an impact.  For every $1, they can provide 4 meals.  Just $21 can feed a family of four for a week.

St. Louis Area Foodbank serves people like all of us.  Their mission is to feed hungry people by distributing food throughout the bi-state region and engage our community in the fight against hunger. They help working families who still aren't making enough to feed their families.  They help senior citizens who are struggling to put food on their tables.  They help people who are trying to overcome hardships and are struggling to pay their bills and buy food.  They help 43,000 people each week.  With your help, they can reach even more.

St. Louis Area Foodbank

Please consider making a difference in someone's life by donating today.  If you would like to make a donation to the St. Louis Area Foodbank, please click HERE.  97% of all donations are allocated to food distribution.  If each of us gave just a little, the impact would be huge! Of course, if you want to give big, please feel free to to that too!  :)

What organization are you passionate about?  Will you be making a donation on this #GivingTuesday?


  1. This is awesome Penny! How great that the St. Louis Blues players were there too! I'll be making a donation to my local food shelf today, it is so important at this time of year!
    The Beth Next Door

  2. What a fantastic place, and I love that so much of the donations actually goes to the cause! Thanks for sharing.


  3. What a wonderful way to give back to your community!

  4. What a great way to give back! I loved seeing how everyone was supporting their communities today. :)

  5. Bless your sweet heart! Love posts like this. Four meals for a $1.00? Amazing. Thanks for this reminder to gather some canned goods for the food pantry at church. XO