Penny's Passion: 2018 Spring Bucket List

Saturday, April 21, 2018

2018 Spring Bucket List

It's spring - or so says the calendar.  The weather, on the other hand, isn't really reflecting spring in our area.  This week, however, might just change that.  I don't think we'll be breaking any high temperature records, but it is supposed to be in the sixties, so we'll take it.

Today I'm joining a group of blogger friends to share our spring bucket lists. This winter I've become somewhat lackadaisical in my approach to life and I'd like that to turn around this spring.  Hopefully writing out my bucket list will help get me back on track.  So here goes ~

Get More Organized
Organization has totally went out the window this winter at my house.  My craft room is even more out of control than it typically is, my nightstand is piled high with books and magazines and my kitchen cabinets - oh my - is in desperate need of some help.  And I won't even tell you how out of control my pantry is!!  I want to spend some time organizing and sprucing up around here!

Make A Hefty Donation of Unused Items
When I switch my winter clothes out for my summer ones, I want to take a hard look at every item and donate those I'm never going to wear.  Do I really, really need 50 t-shirts?  I think not.  Why I feel the need to stuff my closet and drawers with items I know deep in my heart I will never wear is beyond me.  This year I want to give up some of those drawer-crowders and free up some space.

Plant the Garden
Eric and I have a postage-size garden in our back yard and love eating fresh tomatoes and herbs from it.  For the last couple of years we haven't given the space much thought, instead just plant the same things in the same spots.  This year I want to be a bit more intentional.  There are some new herbs I want to plant and maybe try less tomatoes and add in more lettuce.

Do a Weekly To-Do List
At some point over the winter, my weekly to-do lists went away.  They need to come back!  I'm the type of person that needs to write it down or it can be totally forgotten.  Truth be told, I also love the act of crossing things off the list too.  Heck, sometimes I write stuff down that I've already done just for the joy of crossing it off the list!  Am I the only one that does that??

Spruce Up the Patio
Our little concrete pad out the back of our house is in desperate need of attention.  It houses our patio furniture, grill and fire pit.  And it's boring.  I'm going to throw myself into Pinterest and hope to find some ideas that will turn the little space into something more attractive and inviting.

We have some happy occasions coming up with a graduation and retirement.  I'm looking forward to making a few decorations and enjoying celebrating these major milestones with my friends.

Start Walking More
The weather has really stopped Eric and I from taking our evening walks.  At least I want to blame it on the weather.  With warmer temps on the horizon, I hope we can resume them again.  I would also love to find a place where we could take a hike.

Read More
I've got about 47834738 books on my to be read list and I'm hoping to conquer a few of them this spring.

Just writing these down gets me a little more motivated to actually get them done!  How about you?  What's on your spring bucket list?  Link up and share!


  1. A delay in spring weather seems to be a consistent theme for everyone right now. We finally got a nice warm day today. I'm hoping it lasts. You've got a very robust bucket list; I'm impressed. I definitely find writing things down helps me achieve them. It also helps me clear my head and feel less anxious. I think I have lists of lists! :-)

  2. Great list and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

  3. I've only crossed off a couple things on my Spring bucket list, but that's okay. Good luck with all of your goals. I really need to get outside and just move around more, so hopefully this warmer weather finally coming in will stay - and help with that!


  4. So glad you joined up with your list. I love a good to-do list. And am much more productive when I follow one.

    Would love to get my Prince to let me have a postage sized garden. I grow cilantro and basil in the kitchen window but would love to grow squash again. Maybe peppers of some sort. Will be following along to see what you do.

    We need new patio furniture. The sprinklers used to hit our furniture and the legs have two in places. Held together by duck tape now. Just saw a post on Pinterest about spray painting patio cushions!! That would be an inexpensive makeover.

    Hope you make some time for reading! I am drowning in to-read books over here. And just haven't felt like reading. Need to find a book that just takes me captive.

  5. Spring is definitely giving us a run for the money this year. We are having some 60 degree weather today as well and it feels amazing! Your bucket list for Spring looks a lot like mine. I need to get organized and read and get rid of unused, unwanted items.

  6. I started my spring bucket list a few weeks ago and then the weather kind of made me give up. But now it's pretty spring like again so I should really try it again! I'm with you on needing to get organized at home again, my house looks like a disaster these days!

  7. We are FINALLY seeing signs of spring in west Michigan and I am so excited! I think we are all busting at the seams to get outside and soak in all of the sunshine! I definitely hope for more walks, runs and bike rides this spring!

  8. I love lists of all kinds. And yes, I've been known to put something I did on a list just to cross it off! My new list for fun is one to add to... 52 New Things this year. As a friend said, that's just one a week.... but it can be very liberating. I choose to go to a different location for a "shred day" (paper purge on my to do list this spring!) to explore a new part of town (thank goodness for GPS). And ordered a cocktail drink I had never tried but always was curious. See love me my lists!

  9. This is a great list. Spring, even here in South Texas has been a little off. I figure by the time Spring hits, it will be summer! While we do not have a garden, I do need to do something with my flower bed in the front yard. Go figure, my backyard can grow anything. My front, the part that everyone can see, can only grow weeds! LOL Maybe a list will kick my rear in gear!

  10. Great list! I'm in the process of getting rid of a lot of clothes too. I'm just sick of having so many pieces that I never wear. I'd also love to have a garden this year. Last year, we only planted a few things too, but I'd love some fresh tomatoes! Or peas! It's finally a little warmer here too. I hope it sticks around!

  11. We've been struggling here in Kentucky too - feeling like Spring will never come. This is a great list and I think it will certainly help it feel more like spring.

  12. This is a great list! I can't wait to start walking more especially since it's starting to feel like spring. We donated a bunch of stuff and it felt so great to get rid of a bunch of stuff.