Penny's Passion: Thinking Out Loud Thursday - January 3, 2019

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - January 3, 2019

Happy New Year!  Welcome to the first Thinking Out Loud Thursday of 2019.  Today I'm thinking out loud about my 2019 goals.

Do you set goals for the year?  One of the reasons I love the start of the year is because it feels like a clean slate - a reset.  Some years I carry over goals and some years I start completely from scratch.  This year is a combination of the two.  Let's take a look ~

Be More Healthy
This may sound so cliche this time of year because millions of people are saying they want to lose weight and be more healthy.  Case in point - have you driven by a gym this week?  The parking lots are packed.  Revisit them in May and you'll see a whole different picture.  Well, I'm hoping this isn't just a passing phase for me.  Eric and I have fallen into some very rotten habits that need to be broken.  I haven't been cooking very healthy and we are spending far too much time on the couch brainlessly watching television.  Time for that to change!

Become More Financially Aware
I'm a spender.  Not something I'm extremely proud of, but I tend to "pick stuff up" just because it's on sale or I think I might need it in the future.  I have an entire basement full of things I've purchased just in case I might need it.  I'll buy gifts way ahead of time and forget I have them.  I'll buy books on a whim when I know I have 10 already on my Kindle that I haven't started.  You get the idea.  In 2019, my goal is to truly evaluate a purchase before just automatically clicking the check out button.

Send More Snail Mail
Who doesn't love opening the mail box to a card or letter?  I want to put a smile on more people's faces this year by sending more cards and letters.

Find a New Church
As much as I love the message we received at the church we were going to, I missed the people connection.  We just didn't feel like we were making many new friends or joining groups, so I want to try something new.  I think new churches are hard to find.  Wish us luck!

Plan a Girls Weekend
I love getting friends together and sharing a girls weekend.  What I love even more is planning a girls weekend at my house!  I know some of you think I'm crazy, but it's a passion of mine to have guests and organize fun things for us to do.  Hoping to make it happen in 2019.

Take a Photography Class
A few years ago I invested in a really good camera.  Right away I learned the bare basics, but there is so much more I want to learn!  A good class should help me and I'm on the look out for one to sign up for.

Get More Organized at Home
Oh my gosh -- if I added up all the time I lost looking for things because I couldn't find them in my house I bet I could read an extra book a week.  It might take me most of the year to get things back in order, but I want to systematically go through my house and organize the closets, drawers and cabinets.  Watch out Goodwill, I have a feeling you are going to be seeing a lot of me in 2019!

So there's a few things on my 2019 Goals list.  What are some things on your's?  Link up and share!


  1. Thanks for hosting and I have found a new church, the problem it is 450 miles away from me but I will visit it as much as I can. Have a wonderful Thursday.

  2. WoW! Those are all great goals! I am still catching up with posting Christmas so goals will not be coming until later in the year - HA!

  3. I'm right there with you on the photography goal and I LOVE the idea of sending more snail mail. I have lots of cards I've made over the years that I just keep holding onto in case I need one someday or for inspiration. It would be great to send more of them out and know I have put smiles on others' faces.

  4. I refused to go to the gym on new years day. I went on eve and called it my last chance workout ha!

  5. I need to get more organized at home too. Right now we're in clutter city. I'm also working on being more financially aware. And I will pray you find a good church!

  6. These are all great goals! And I am sure you will be able to check them all off over the year. Im currently doing a decluttering challenge and Im wanting to just toss everything and start over. But like you, need to reign in the spending, so I will settle for tossing and organizing what is here. I love that you want to do more snail mail too! I might borrow that idea :)

  7. I love your goals, I agree wit staying in touch more with family and friends, its the year!! Happy New year!!

  8. I have my goals going up on my blog next Tuesday I think, but I only made a couple. I should definitely add being financially aware. I'm also a spender and I know I need to stop but I actually enjoy it. It's terrible. I probably cross over into shop-a-holic but I'm not totally ready to admit that. HA!

  9. I was interested to read that you are looking for a new church. I am so torn about ours. We were attending a smallish church where we knew many of the congregation until a terrible scandal rocked the church from pillar to post. Now we are attending church occasionally across town at this huge campus where we don't know a soul. In some ways, it is nice to slip in and out and go unnoticed. But it doesn't give you much of a warm, fuzzy feeling. Will be interested to see what you find.