Penny's Passion: Weekending - January 18, 2019

Monday, January 21, 2019

Weekending - January 18, 2019

Hello Monday!  I know many of you might be off work today, but for me it's a normal work day.  The upside to having to work on holidays like today is the traffic is usually extremely light and it's an easy breezy commute.  #lookingonthebrightside

Our plans for the weekend were very low key because the weather was predicted to be horrible again.  Thank goodness they kind of missed the predicted about of snow fall and we didn't have to shovel one time!

Usually on the weekends we do a lot of eating out.  Since the weather forecast didn't look the greatest, I decided to pop in the grocery store on my way home Friday night and stock up.  I loaded up on comfort food and we were set for the weekend!

On Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the theater to see On The Basis of Sex, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg movie.  We both loved it!  What an inspiration she is!  Wonder if this movie will get any Academy Award nods?  We don't have long to wait because they are announcing all the nominations tomorrow morning.  Regardless if it is nominated, it's definitely a movie worth watching in my opinion.

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Most of Saturday afternoon was spent curled up in my favorite chair in the bedroom, sipping hot tea and reading Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher.  I start this novel just after Christmas and it had a rather slow start.  I had almost given up on it, but around page 75 things picked up and I had a hard time putting it down.  Rosamunde Pilcher has several other books.  Anyone read others of hers?  Any recommendations?  Here's the synopsis of Winter Solstice from Amazon:
In Winter Solstice Rosamunde Pilcher brings her readers into the lives of five very different people....
Elfrida Phipps, once of London's stage, moved to the English village of Dibton in hopes of making a new life for herself. Gradually she settled into the comfortable familiarity of village life -- shopkeepers knowing her tastes, neighbors calling her by name -- still she finds herself lonely.
Oscar Blundell gave up his life as a musician in order to marry Gloria. They have a beautiful daughter, Francesca, and it is only because of their little girl that Oscar views his sacrificed career as worthwhile.
Carrie returns from Austria at the end of an ill-fated affair with a married man to find her mother and aunt sharing a home and squabbling endlessly. With Christmas approaching, Carrie agrees to look after her aunt's awkward and quiet teenage daughter, Lucy, so that her mother might enjoy a romantic fling in America.
Sam Howard is trying to pull his life back together after his wife has left him for another. He is without home and without roots, all he has is his job. Business takes him to northern Scotland, where he falls in love with the lush, craggy landscape and set his sights on a house.
It is the strange rippling effects of a tragedy that will bring these five characters together in a large, neglected estate house near the Scottish fishing town of Creagan.
It is in this house, on the shortest day of the year, that the lives of five people will come together and be forever changed. Rosamunde Pilcher's long-awaited return to the page will warm the hearts of readers both old and new. Winter Solstice is a novel of love, loyalty and rebirth.
                          Winter Solstice by [Pilcher, Rosamunde]

Eric had a great find on Saturday.  For Christmas I had given him a tea steeper from Adagio Teas similar to one I use all the time that came from Teavana.  He was looking on their website and they have a list of Teavana alternative teas!  So, if you are missing your favorite tea from Teavana, check out Adagio Teas website and see if they have something similar.  

Sunday was spent dragging out our Valentine's decorations and watching football.  Unfortunately, the outcome of both games did not line up with who we were hoping would win.  

Here we are at Monday and I'm facing a new to do list.  One thing on my list this week is to purchase some Forever stamps.  The price of stamps is going up on Sunday, January 27 from 50 cents to 55 cents.  Buy your Forever stamps this week and avoid the price increase!

This week on the blog look forward to the Wonderful Wednesday link up that goes live on Tuesday evening.  I'll also be hosting a link up on Thinking Out Loud Thursday about Personal Environment, a post about your personal health and how you feel.  And then on Friday we have Friday Favorites and Five on Friday.  Hope to see you back for all these posts!  


  1. I got my stamps last week!!! Thanks for the reminder! Hugs and have a great week!

  2. I want to see that movie!! I just need to find a friend date to go with!

  3. Thanks for the reminder about the stamps! We also enjoy eating out on the weekends. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  4. Oh I need to see that movie!! Sounds like I may have to make a movie trip in the coming week or two!

  5. This is great. Sounds like you had a fun, relaxed weekend. :D Thanks for sharing.

  6. We saw On the Basis of Sex this weekend too! I loved it! It rocked. RBG is awesome!

  7. On Rosamunde Pilcher, I've read several of her books (she retired in 2000) and would recommend them all. Yes, they start slowly---but build through the settings and the characters. Just as British TV and movies start with the delicious settings and slowly draw you into the lives of the characters---instead of the US manner of a dead body, car crash, or some big party in the first's a matter of taste. If you want to become slowly lost-- somewhere else---her books are definitely a good read. Shell Seekers was her biggie, though!

  8. I had no idea about the stamps, thanks for the heads-up! I am hoping to see the RBG movie too, glad you like it.

  9. Argh, thanks for the reminder to pick up stamps!! I remember when they were 25 cents and they only had a dog pattern!! Lol

    Anyway, I really want to see the new Ruth Bader movie! Glad you enjoyed and fingers crossed it get some award nominations this year.

    I haven’t heard of this book but it sounds very interest! Xoxo and hope you have a great week ahead!

  10. Did not know about the stamps, thanks for the info!

  11. How is it I have not even heard about this movie?! I got sidetracked watching the Marvelous Ms. Maisel on Prime and I'm loving it.