Penny's Passion: Weekending - March 27, 2020

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Weekending - March 27, 2020

Hello there friends!  I had an epiphany this weekend - not everyone in our country is sheltering in place.  It's an odd feeling knowing that you will be staying isolated for an unknown period of time.  Eric and I typically are totally out and about during the weekend.  This weekend was completely different.  And honestly, I felt myself starting to have a bit of a hard time with it.

Last week I didn't really find a groove.  The weather, which was cloudy and rainy, certainly didn't help my mood! I'm determined to make this week better.  There are a million things to be grateful for in this pandemic time and we just need to stay focused on those.  How's everyone else feeling?  Are you currently sheltering in place?  

We had the most beautiful sunset on Saturday night.  This is an unfiltered picture I took off our front porch.  Definitely put a smile on my face!

We got our first puzzle of Pandemic 2020 completed.  I have a second puzzle waiting in the wings to pull out.  There's a puzzle company located in St. Louis, Puzzle Warehouse, that is actually hiring people right now because their business has gone through the roof.  Guess we're not the only ones fitting pieces together!

Speaking of puzzles, remember the letters I sent to my nephews and niece last week mentioned in my Thinking Out Loud Thursday post?  Well, on Saturday I reaped the reward from sending them.  My niece sent me a video clip of my great-nephew thanking me for his letter and some adorable pictures of him.  It really brightened my day!  So much so that yesterday I wrote him another letter and cut it into puzzle pieces with my Silhouette.

Saturday afternoon I had a zoom chat with some of my friends in Kansas City.  We started a book club a while back and decided to have our book discussion via Zoom this month.  Zoom is such a fun way to stay connected!  

For the third week in a row, we watched our church service online.  This week we actually had communion virtually.  I will be so grateful when our church family is all under the same roof again!  But I'm also very grateful that we have a way to stay connected virtually during this time.

We've been eating a lot of comfort food this past week.  Sunday night we even had dessert.  You might not recognize me when we come out of this because I'm probably going to weigh 50 pounds more!

Now it's off to conquer the week!  I'm going to fit in more walks outside this week and also come up with a meal plan.  The Easter decorations will also be coming out of the basement and into place.  Pop in on Thursday for a preview.


  1. Congrats on the puzzle! Eric is a puzzle veteran now!

  2. Just like you guys, Keith and I are always on the go. It hit me a bit more when I was in our calendar taking things off and moving them to their new (hopefully) date. The biggest sad for us is Keith's masters graduation isn't happening in May anymore. The university still wants to do something for them so fingers crossed that maybe they'll walk in December with the next class or something!

  3. That is such a pretty puzzle! I put an easy one together on Friday but have yet to tackle some of our harder ones as I am finding I am having a real hard time concentrating on them lately. We are definitely sheltering in place (as much as we can with my husband still working) and I too found it amazing that not all places in the US are at this point. I just kind of assumed... since it does seem like so many places are.

  4. I have been going though all my old magazines and finally recycling them. I found many recipes I want to make while staying home. My husband and I try to walk on an uncrowded neighborhood trail an hour a days and we've done some serious cleaning. It's a challenge not seeing my grandchildren but I like your letter idea and will send them letters this week. Thanks Penny! Stay well!

  5. So important to stay connected to friends! And your strawberry shortcake looks AWESOME!