Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - July 3, 2020

Friday, July 3, 2020

Five on Friday - July 3, 2020

Happy Friday friends!  We have a holiday today from work and I'm all for it.  Three day weekends are the best!  Eric and I will be hanging around the house today and enjoying spending the day together.  Do you have big plans for the holiday?  I'm glad you decided to stop by here to see my five for this week ~

1.  Buck Moon Eclipse
There's a good reason to be looking up in the sky on July 4 besides viewing the fireworks.  A Buck Moon Eclipse will also be happening!  What is a Buck Moon Eclipse you ask?  Forbes offers this explanation, "What will happen is that a slither of the full Moon—about a third of it, in fact—will appear to be a little dim for a few hours.  That’s because it’s going to pass through Earth’s outer, fuzzy shadow in space—our planet’s penumbra."  I'll be looking up to see what this is all about!  Will you?

Moonrise in New York City

2.  Free Unlimited Coffee at Panera
You are drinking free coffee from Panera yet?  July 4 is the last day to sign up for their free java.  New subscribers who sign up for the coffee subscription will get free, unlimited coffee until September 7.  The typical monthly fee is $8.99.  You'll need to remember to cancel before September 7 if you don't want to be billed.  But free coffee all summer long sounds pretty good!  Visit HERE to get yourself signed up.

3.  Paint Your Own Tea Set
Looking for a craft project to keep the kiddos busy?  Check out this adorable paint your own tea set available at World Market.  The set comes with four teacups, saucers, spoons and napkins.  You also get a teapot with lid, a creamer, sugar bowl, 12 paints and a paintbrush.  Shoot - forget the kids, I want to paint a set!  When you're all done painting, just bake in the oven for a fully usable tea set.  Then you can spend a lovely afternoon enjoying a tea party using your very own handpainted creation.  How fun!  Get yours HERE.

4.  DQ Blizzard - Drumstick with Peanuts
I really don't need an excuse to go to Dairy Queen, but this month I'm super excited to make a trip there.  Their new Nestle Drumstick Blizzard is making its' debut and it sounds delicious!  Real Drumstick pieces, chopped peanuts and chocolate are whirled together with their signature vanilla soft serve.  How good does that sound?  YUM!

New Nestle Drumstick Blizzard Is The July 2020 Blizzard Of The Month At Dairy Queen

5.  Exercising....

Have a safe and fun holiday!  Most of our local cities have canceled their fireworks show, but there's one nearby that is still doing theirs.  We'll be finding a good viewing spot from our car and enjoying the spectacle in the sky.  I'm also excited about watching Hamilton.  Pop in next week for the full weekend recap.

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  1. Those blizzards look delicious!

  2. Keith is OBSESSED with the Panera program. I think I know where there are more paneras than anything else in our area, ha! Its actually not a bad deal but it doesn't help when you're trying to get him to stop drinking coffee.