Penny's Passion: Weekending - Fourth of July Style

Monday, July 6, 2020

Weekending - Fourth of July Style

The holiday weekend is gone, but the memories are still lingering.  We had an enjoyable few days and are heading into the new week refreshed.  Let's rewind ~

Friday Eric and I were both off work.  We spent a large part of the day outside.  It was a hot one!  Our neighbors invited us over to hang out in their pool.  Visiting with them was fun and it was a great way to spend the day. 

Like probably half of America, we streamed Hamilton Friday night.  We reminisced about seeing it a couple years ago at the Fox Theater.  I remembered we had debated if we should buy the tickets. Looking back, I'm so glad we did!  Watching it on the TV was great too. 

Saturday Eric was up and out of the house early for work.  He was meeting me at our son and daughter-in-law's house for a small get together when he got off.  I whipped up these pretzels and thought they turned out pretty darn cute!

The occasion called for goody bags.  The kids were decked out in 4th of July partywear after they opened them!

We were home in the evening and sat out in the driveway to watch the fantastic fireworks show our neighbors orchestrated. 

Church was online again Sunday.  Afterward, we spent a bit more time relaxing outside.  We actually have a blowup pool that we filled with water and laid in.  I know, not the most classy thing but it was cool and relaxing and we enjoyed ourselves.  We just might do it again next weekend.

For an afternoon snack, we tried the DQ Drumstick Blizzard.  Highly recommend!  

As the sun went down, we ventured out to find a spot to watch the fireworks a town near us was shooting off.  We got a perfect spot in a parking lot and socially distanced from everyone.  It was a great way to cap off the weekend!


  1. I'm really considering a blowup pool for us. Like 100% considering ha@

  2. Wow, the drumstick blizzard sounds incredible. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday!

  3. What a great weekend! The pretzel sticks look good and festive. I loved watching Hamilton on tv and getting all those unique camera close-ups!

  4. We watched fireworks from our home too! Those pretzels look yummy. My brother in law just got a soft serve machine put in at his ice cream stand is offering "tornadoes"... my boys and I were talking about getting one today as we don't have a DQ near us to enjoy blizzards.