Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - October 16, 2020

Friday, October 16, 2020

Five on Friday - October 16, 2020

Welcome to Five on Friday!  Don't you just love weekends?  I know I do and I can't wait to get this one started.  To kick it off, let's look at my five for today ~

Does your morning routine include watching Hoda?  If so, you will be thrilled to hear her new book hit the stands this week.  This Just Speaks to Me offers personal stories about the special people and moments in her life.  Here's the summary from Amazon ~
When her first collection of quotes, I Really Needed This Today, was published in 2019, Hoda never imagined how deeply her favorite words, stories, and memories would resonate with readers. People across the country were connected not only by the book's positive message, but through their generosity in sharing it with friends and family who needed a daily burst of inspiration. Hoda was truly touched by fans who shared "their quote" with her, the one that most moved them or someone they love.

Now, to follow that remarkable experience, Hoda is back, with 365 new quotes and stories to share with her beloved readers. In This Just Speaks to Me, she writes about the people and moments that have enriched her life, discussing everything from motherhood and friendship to love and loss. The book also celebrates the countless acts of kindness that unfolded during these uniquely challenging times. Told with the same warmth, humor, and generosity that infused I Really Needed This Today, This Just Speaks to Me promises to be the next great companion book, each day elevated by Hoda's sparkle at a time when we may need it the most.

2.  CNN's First Ladies
I have always been intrigued by our country's First Ladies.  As a matter of fact, one of my favorite exhibits at the Smithsonian museum was the display of First Ladies dresses.  They stand by their husbands and face so much scrutiny.  CNN has an original series called First Ladies that will showcase six profiles over the coming weeks:  Michelle Obama, Jackie Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lady Bird Johnson, and Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Each show blends in-depth interviews with archival footage.  I've only seen the first one (Michelle Obama) but can't wait to see the rest.  Have you seen them?  They are worthy of a watch.

3.  Dunkin's Spicy Donut
2020 is no doubt full of all kinds of crazy things, and Dunkin Donuts is keeping that going.  Until December you can pop in a Dunkin Donuts and get yourself a "spicy doughnut".  They are taking a classic doughnut, top it with red sugar and a strawberry icing then sprinkle a little cayenne and ghost pepper on top.  Does a spicy doughnut sound good to you?  I'll pass!  But they have plenty of other more traditional flavors too.

4.  National Dictionary Day
Hey word lovers - today's your day to celebrate.  It's National Dictionary Day.  This date was selected because it commemorates the birthday of Noah Webster, who published his first dictionary in 1806.  Would you like to learn a new word every day?  Subscribe to Word Genius.  They will send you an email every day with a new word and its definition.  What a fun way to expand your vocabulary!

5.  New for 2020.....

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I am going to try to get our closet project closer to completion.  This weekend I'll be painting the dresser we keep in there.  I want to pick out a rub-on to go on the drawers and get that ordered.  We have a charity coming to the house next Saturday so also on the agenda is to get our donation together.  Ian and Kayla will be joining us for brunch on Sunday and I have a new recipe I'm just dying to try.  If it's good, I'll share it with you next week.  See you then!

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  1. Found your blog through Julie's Creative Lifestyle - so glad I did. Love Hoda and quotes...always looking for new ones. I have watched the First Ladies and really enjoyed it. I especially liked the episode on Jackie because I just read a fictionalized account of their lives (And They Called It Camelot, by Stephanie Thornton). Looking forward to the rest of the series. Have a great weekend !

  2. No spicy donut for me thank you very much. That first lady series sounds intriguing.

  3. Hi Penny

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Michelle Obama First Lady special and look forward to seeing the others ones. I also love inspirational quotations and will for Hoda's book in my local library--thank you for the recommendation!

  4. I saw that doll floating around on FB, its hilarious!