Penny's Passion: Weekending - October 9, 2020

Monday, October 12, 2020

Weekending - October 9, 2020

Boy, do weekends go by fast or what?  Seems like only a blink of an eye ago it was Friday.  Weekends are so much calmer than pre-pandemic, but we are still finding ways to enjoy them.  Here's what went down this past weekend ~
Friday Eric and I decided to take a very impromptu drive to Carlyle Lake after work to watch the sunset.  While I was driving home from work, Eric packed a little picnic and the minute I pulled in the driveway we loaded up and headed out so we would be in place as the sun set.  We weren't there long before the day's end began.

One of the things Eric packed in the picnic was a can of Coppola (yes, can) Chardonnay.  My friend Tracy had put this in a Halloween goody bag she gave me and it was perfect for our picnic.  If you're a Chardonnay fan, you should give these a try.

Just before sunset, our son called to see if we wanted to meet them for dinner.  Of course, we did!  So as soon as the sun tucked itself behind the horizon we packed up and headed to the restaurant.  Even the drive back was pretty spectacular.  

At dinner, we were talking about TV shows and the subject of Emily in Paris came up.  I had loved it and they were just starting to watch it.  Our daughter-in-law mentioned a movie that Lily Collins (the Emily in Emily in Paris) had been in some years ago called Love, Rosie.  Saturday morning I decided to give it a view and thought it was darling.  If you're a fan of Lily Collins, add Love, Rosie to your list.  It's on Prime right now and also stars Sam Chaffin.

Guys, I've been working in my closet for the last two weekends and I'm just now starting to see a bit of progress.  I wish I had one of those closets like you see at Ikea, but I don't.  Nor do I really want to spend that much money making it Pinterest perfect.  What I do want is to not stumble over things when I walk in or have the complete disarray make me have heart palpitations.  So I'm doing a few little things to make it better.  The first was to change all the hangers to the same style.

Joan Crawford would have DIED if she saw my bedroom floor this weekend!

I also did a little Marie Kondo folding~ 

We have a dresser in our closet and I ordered paint for it.  We also took a trip to Ikea and The Container Store for more supplies.  More on those things hopefully soon.

Sunday on our way home from Ikea, we ordered takeout from our favorite bar-b-que spot in St. Louis - Pappy's Smokehouse.  We plopped ourselves in front of the TV and watched football while enjoying the ribs.  Yum!

Now here we are at Monday and I'm looking forward to the week.  We're taking a little trip to Chattanooga next month for our birthdays and need to lock down where we are staying.  Got any suggestions?  

Hope your week is off to a wonderful start.  Pop in this week for a couple great link-up parties.  They are the best for getting new recipes and decorating ideas!


  1. I've only driven through Chattanooga and hotel wise hear that the Westin is nice. I usually look up the crazy tourist for unique ideas on things to see when in a city ( so that might give you some ideas!

    Good luck on the organizing. I've now finished the home edit and I'm in that frame of mind, ha!