Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - January 28, 2022

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Five on Friday - January 28, 2022

Happy Friday!  I'm just back home from a business trip and can't wait to wrap up work today so we can have a couple days to relax.  Before I kick back and start the weekend, here's my five for this week ~

1.  National Puzzle Day
Tomorrow is National Puzzle Day!  We love doing puzzles, especially on cold winter days.  You can bet we'll be huddled over our kitchen table tomorrow celebrating by putting our current puzzle together.  It's such a fun winter activity.  We have the pandemic to thank for getting us hooked on them!  Did you start doing puzzles over the pandemic?  Studies have found that when we work on a jigsaw puzzle, we use both sides of the brain. And spending time daily working on puzzles improves memory, cognitive function, and problem-solving skills.

One of my very most favorite things is our clothes steamer.  Our iron rarely makes an appearance because this little thing takes most wrinkles out of your clothes so simply.  No more ruining your favorite article of clothing with the iron!  This week I remembered just how much I love the steamer because I forgot to pack it for my trip.  Trust me - if you start using a steamer you will fall in love with it too!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I'm giving my niece and nephews a pop it toy this year with a cute little note saying I'm poppin' by to say Happy Valentine's Day.  I'll be doing a whole post on the completed project because they are just too cute not to share.  Grab a set of pop-it toys for yourself and be ready to put smiles on the faces of the kids in your life on Valentine's Day.

One of the people at the meeting I was at this week had really cool stickers all over her computer.  I immediately started searching for some to put on my computer and found this set of 50 inspirational stickers on Amazon.  A couple of clicks later they were ordered and are heading my way.  Soon my computer will be as cool as the one that made me want stickers in the first place!

5.  Don't be so quick to judge...

Have a great weekend!  We are excited to watch the Chiefs play on Sunday with our son and daughter-in-law.  My plan is to get decorated for Valentine's Day.  Pop back on Monday to see how that went!