Penny's Passion: Five on Friday - July 29, 2022

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Five on Friday - July 29, 2022

Coming at you today with the last Five on Friday for July!  Look what I have for you today ~

1.  National Lasagna Day
Wondering what to have for dinner tonight?  Have lasagna because it's National Lasagna Day!  This is one of my favorite dishes to make and one of my family's favorite dishes to eat, so it's a great combo.  It's one of those things that I even have a special pan we always make it in.  Do you have a recipe like that?  

2.  Choco Taco
Klondike broke the hearts of many this week when they announced they were stopping production forever on their Choco Taco.  Once stores sell out of their current supply, they are gone.  So if you're a lover of the Choc Taco and you see some, grab them up fast!  Time is limited on how much longer they will be available.

3.  Mega Millions
In case you haven't heard, the MegaMillions jackpot for tonight is over a billion (that's BILLION, with a B) dollars.  Boy, the things I could do with that!  But if you win, don't expect to become an instant billionaire.  The cash payment for a jackpot in the 1 billion range is $648.2 million, minus the mandatory 24% in federal taxes which would reduce your winnings by $155.6 million.  You'd end up pocketing about $492.6 million.  Even with the deductions, that's a pretty hefty amount!

4.  Beyonce's New Album - Renaissance
Beyonce's new album, Renaissance, releases today and I can't wait to hear it!  Apparently, there was a leak earlier this week, but it is officially available today.  The tracklist includes 16 new songs and is her seventh album.  Happy listening!

5.  This is me...

Have a great weekend!  I'm going to a pool party tomorrow and a bridal shower on Sunday.  It's going to be a fun, fun weekend!  See you next week.


  1. I love lasagna!! And I will be listening to Beyonce's album today too! Happy Friday!

  2. Oh yes, we love lasagna! I have a few really easy recipes too and have even made a small lasagna using our loaf pan when it's just 3 or 4 of us eating.