Penny's Passion: Summer is Coming!

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Summer is Coming!

Summer is coming and coming fast!  Today for Thinking Out Loud Thursday I'm sharing a few items that could make your summer even better.

I am hearing wonderful things about these mosquito patches and I'm giving them a try this year!  The spray is just too icky and I don't like using it.  Then, because I don't use it, I get covered in mosquito bites.  The patches would be great to use on the kids too.  Just stick a patch on their clothes and you're set.  No more trying to make the kiddos stand still while you spray them down.  

We have had a couple of these hand-held air conditioners for years and we love them!  You can wet the sponge inside and the air that blows out is nice and cool.  I use these a lot at the summer weddings I help with.  Keeping the bride cool for pictures when it's a million degrees outside is not easy.  I've been known for holding this fan up her skirt to help with the heat.  They also are miracle items to have while watching those little league baseball games in the heat of the day.  

S'more season is upon us!  Are you ready with the marshmallow sticks?  This pack of 5 is color coded to help cut down the arguing over who's stick it is.  Also, they are 32" long so you'll be able to roast your treat while standing a safe distance from the fire.  These would also make a great hostess gift when you're going to those cookouts at your friends house.

What screams summer more than relaxing in a hammock!  This would also be a fabulous Father's Day gift.  And right now it's on sale at Amazon for 50% off.  Not sure how long that deal is going to be around, so get it while you can.

Some of our friends have these portable rocking chairs and every time we are with them, I'm always waiting for them to get up so I can have a turn in their chairs.  They come with a cup holder and a mesh back.  If you've ever had to sit in a bag chair without a mesh back, you know how hot they are!  You can relax in style when you tote this bad boy to the kiddos sporting events or your neighbor's back yard party.

                                                                BBQ Grill Accessories
Make grilling a lot easier with some new tools.  These come in a nifty case and also have an apron so you'll look like a true pro.  The 21-piece set is made of high-quality stainless steel for years of use.

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  1. Those mosquito stickers sound great. Have a nice Memorial day weekend.

  2. Yes summer is on our doorstep so I added a summer post #14 for you.
    Happy long weekend

  3. I need to try those mosquito patches; mosquitoes eat me alive no matter what I do!

  4. These products are making me so excited for summer! I love the marshmallow sticks! Thanks for hosting the blog party. Have a great week.