Penny's Passion: Friday on Friday - December 1, 2023

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Friday on Friday - December 1, 2023

Oh my goodness - it's December already!  Glad you stopped by to see the first Five on Friday for December.   Let's go~

1.  Santa Hotline
If writing a letter to Santa isn't your style, maybe you could try calling the big guy on his hotline and leaving a message at the beep.  The phone number for Santa Claus in 2023 is 605-313-4000.  As soon as Santa answers, you'll hear the jolly St. Nick give a cheerful message and then you'll have an opportunity to leave your wish list after the beep.  His voice is full of cheer and the kids will love hearing him!

2.  Virgin River - Season 5 Part 2
If you're a Virgin River fan and already watched the first 10 episodes of Season 5 - SURPRISE!  Two more holiday-themed episodes just got released!  Will Charmaine ever have those twins?  What's going to happen to Preacher?  I'm sure I'll be able to answer all the questions on Monday because this weekend I'm going to devour those two new episodes!

We bought a new vacuum a few weeks ago and dare I say, I love it!  Honestly, I never thought I'd feel that way about a vacuum of all things.  It works on both our carpets and hardwood floors, plus the canister unhooks and you can use it to do steps.  The lightweightness of it is wonderful too!  I bought it at Kohl's and got a great price plus some Kohl's cash to spend later.  Win win!

4.  Wine Glass Charms
Look at these adorable wine glass charms!  They are perfect for helping guests know which wine glass belongs to them.  And how perfect would they be for a hostess gift!  This is the type of thing I like to have on hand in case I need a last-minute gift too.  There are several different design sets to choose from so grab a couple!

5.  The fun group...

Okay - let's dive into the weekend!  I'm going to finish up the little bit of decorating I still have left and hopefully start wrapping some gifts.  See you back next week!

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