Penny's Passion: Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Rome Trip - Day Sei

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Rome Trip - Day Sei

Welcome to Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  Has everyone recovered from Halloween last night?  Hopefully you're not in a sugar coma today and are ready for some thinking out loud.  This is my final installment from our trip to Italy.  Today I'm recapping day six.  If you've missed the first five days, you can catch up by clicking on the day below.

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Day Six was our last full day in Rome and we wanted to spend the day letting the city's sites and sounds soak in.  There was a bit of shopping we wanted to do and also take a spin on the Hop On Hop Off Bus.

After our big day in Florence on Day Five, we elected to sleep in a bit on our last day.  We enjoyed breakfast at our hotel for the last time and headed out to purchase our bus tickets.  By mid morning we had our seats on the double decker bus and was cruising around Rome listening to the history of the city on the provided earbuds.  There are five companies in Rome that offer the hop on hop off option, so you might want to do a little research beforehand to know which bus you would like to ride.  We chose the I Love Rome Panoramic Rome tour bus.

The bus carried us around the city and offered a higher-than-ground-level view.  To see many of the main attractions, however, you needed to get off and walk.  This was much different than the hop on hop off bus tour we took in Paris.  I'll be honest, I'm not sure I would do the bus again if in Rome.  Since you had to exit the bus and walk to see many of the attractions, this mode of transportation may not be the most efficient.  Regardless, I'm glad we took a spin around the city on this coach.

We had gotten a recommendation to Piccolo Buco.  Rumor had it they had the best pizza in Rome.  Rumors just might be true!  This eatery is located near the Trevi Fountain and don't be surprised if there's a line outside waiting to get in.  We had a short wait and actually met another couple from the US.  We traded tourist stories and soon we were escorted to a table.

We meandering through the streets and enjoyed all we could on our last day.  So much to enjoy!

By dinnertime, we were ready to try a place we had walked by several times - That's A'more!  We didn't have a reservation, but were able to snag chairs at the bar.  It was fun sitting at the heart of the restaurant's action.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped for one more gelato and one more picture of the Trevi Fountain.  

This was a trip we will always treasure - one because Rome is amazing and another because we got to share the experience with our friend Linda.

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  1. It looks like you are having an amazing time! Enjoy and please keep posting!

  2. I am still loving all these pictures! I really hope I can get to Rome someday!!

  3. What an amazing trip! Sounds like you really had the time of your lives.