Penny's Passion: Weekending - April 12, 2019 | Wedding Workday and Celebrating a Birthday

Monday, April 15, 2019

Weekending - April 12, 2019 | Wedding Workday and Celebrating a Birthday

It's Monday so soon!  Some weekends so by faster than others and this past one flew by!  We had a lot on the docket, so I'm not surprised.  But this morning I was a little sad that the weekend was over.  Here's how it went down ~

Friday night was total preparation for the wedding workday we had planning for Saturday.  I stopped by Sam's and the grocery store, cut paper for the invitations we would be working on on Saturday and cleaned the laundry room.  Full evening!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early to get ready for the bride I'm working with and her tribe to arrive.  Our goal for the day was to finish constructing all 95 invitations.  I'm proud to say - mission accomplished!!

The bride, Kristina, had the best group working on the invitations.  She brought her mom, future mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and a couple of her bridesmaids.  They whipped out all 95 invitations in just under 3 hours!

I always like to get the bride's I'm working with a special hanger for their wedding dress.  I've been using Carney's Custom Hangers and let me tell you, they are GREAT to work with!  These hangers make great shower gifts too.  Brides out there -- get a custom hanger for those wedding dress pictures!  You'll be sad if you don't.

After the wedding crew had lunch and left, Eric and I decided to go to the show.  We elected to see The Best of Enemies.  Very thought provoking and touching movie!  I'm a huge fan of Sam Rockwell and Taraji P. Henson and neither let me down by their performances in this movie.

Image result for perfect enemies movie

We met up with Kayla and Ian for dinner at one of our favorite places - Peel Wood Fired Pizza.  Even if you don't get one of their fabulous pizzas, there are so many other great things on the menu to try we never get tired of eating there.  

Sunday we woke up to cold, rainy weather.  I even drug my winter coat out of the closet to wear to church.  After church, we headed home so I could get ready for a birthday celebration I was hosting at our house for my friend Carol. 

We had a tea party and I used some treasured teacups I've had in the pantry for literally years.  There's a lovely story behind them.  When I was growing up, my mom was a beautician.  Many of her Friday customers were "weeklies" and when I wasn't in school, I would sit in the beauty shop and chat with them.  Well, one of them would occasionally take me home with her after getting her hair done and I would spend the night at her house.  Each time I stayed with her, she would let me pick out a teacup and saucer to take home from her very elaborate collection.  

Now it's been forty some years later and this is the first time I've actually used them to serve tea.  I kind of felt her looking down from heaven smiling yesterday as I sat sipping tea with my friends out of cups from her treasured collection.

My friend Tracy contributed the dessert for our gathering and she did the most ingenious thing.  She had bought sponge cake and topped it with strawberries and whipped cream.  And here's the ingenious thing -- she crushed pretzels and sprinkled them on top!  Oh my gosh -- it took the dessert to a new level of goodness by adding a little crunch and a bit of salty to go along with the sweet.  So good!

When everyone left and I finished cleaning up, I spent the rest of the evening on the couch relaxing and trying to finish my book club selection.  If only the Blues would have won the hockey game, it would have been the perfect ending to a fabulous weekend!  I sure can't complain, though, because all in all it was a great weekend!


  1. The hanger is such a fun idea for a bridal shower. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  2. That hangar is so wonderful!!
    And that tea set is lovely. It's so fun to pull out these pieces and use them.

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend indeed! I love the hanger you get for your brides, that is so sweet! I'll have to check out that movie, I'm a fan of Sam Rockwell also.

  4. That hanger is such a sweet bridal gift. Might order one for my niece. Going to pin to remind me.

    Your teacup collection has such a sweet background story. Love the shape of the second one you shared. I don't have china or even any pretty serving pieces. Was embarrassed the first time my son-in-law came for a holiday meal and we served ourselves from pots and pans!!

  5. P.S. I ran over to Carney's FB page and just read that Joe has cancer. So very sad. Sounds like he is in for a very invasive surgery in May. Not sure if it would be a blessing for me to order a hanger now or just one more thing they have to worry about doing. Prayers going up for them.