Penny's Passion: Thinking Out Loud Thursday - March 19, 2020

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Thinking Out Loud Thursday - March 19, 2020

Welcome to Thinking Out Loud Thursday!

Hey friends!  This has been such a crazy week with all the coronavirus information coming at us at the speed of light.  Things are changing so fast it's near impossible to know what's happening.  I have friends who are all over the spectrum - those who believe it's still a hoax to those who are afraid to leave their house under any circumstances.  Honestly, I'm somewhere in the middle right now.  Currently, my work is still having us come in, so my daytime schedule hasn't changed.  But my after-hours life has definitely come to a screeching halt!

In an effort to not fall into a mindless coma watching television every night, I'm going to put together a list of things I hope to accomplish while the world has slowed down.   Here are a few things I thought of immediately ~

1.  Get my emails under control.
Right now I have 9,288 emails in my inboxes.  Too many!  I now have time to sift through and get rid of all the junk I've been waiting to view "when I have more time".  I definitely have more time now and should take advantage of it by cleaning out my inboxes.

2.  Learn to fold a fitted sheet.
Honestly, one of the reasons I wash the sheets and put them right back on the bed is because I don't know how in the heck to fold that darn fitted sheet!  Our spare pair of sheets never make it out of the linen closet.  Here's a YouTube video that does a great job demonstrating this task.  Come check out my linen closet in a couple weeks.  I'm going to have the best folds you've ever seen!

3.  Shred old paperwork.
This task definitely builds up and I put it off far too long.  Here's a list of when to get rid of paperwork from ~
Tax records and receipts (keep for seven years)
Pay stubs and bank statements (keep for a year)
Home purchase, sale, or improvement documents (keep for at least six years after you sell)
Medical records and bills (keep at least a year after payment in case of disputes)
4.  Organize my pictures.
I could be quarantined for the rest of my life and I'm not sure that would be enough time to organize all my millions of pictures, but I would like to get our latest trip pictures organized.  Getting a few of them printed would be nice too.  Plus looking through all those pictures is going to bring back so many great memories!  Just what I need in this crazy time.

5.  Dust the leaves on our fake ficus trees.
Definitely a job I put off is dusting our fake plant leaves around the house.  They are going to be shining when the quarantine is lifted and we have company over again.

What are some things you've been putting off that you might have time to do now?  We'll get through this time and hopefully come out better for it on the other side.

Now it's your turn.  What are you thinking out loud about today?  Link up and share!

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  1. I keep saying I am going to master the art of folding a fitted sheet :) Thanks so much for hosting! I’m linking up today with HAPPY ST PATRICK’S DAY – CLOVER ALTERED ART, THIRST QUENCHING AWESOMENESS (BOTTLE 65 WORDS PROMPT), and THE COLD POOL (SOMNAMBULIST 78 WORDS PROMPT). I have 3 link parties going on right now, I invite you to come and link up with me.

  2. Yes, a good time to go through my emails and delete, delete, delete... This is long over due. No excuse mow.

  3. Well, I guess if I'm going to master the fitted sheet fold, I'll have to practice, practice, practice.

  4. We are under a "Shelter In Place" here is the San Francisco Bay Area. We can only go out for essential trips - to the store, get meds, to walk . Being the rebel anarchist I am, I have been going out walking around to the different stores around to see what is going on and going on nature hikes. Along, with doing assignments for my Google Classroom for my students.

    Hope you have a good Thursday.

  5. I'm thinking of tackling a redecorating project I've been putting off but I need to decide within the next few days and stock up on painting and flooring in case I do want to do that because I really just think it's a matter of time before everything is shut down but the grocery store and pharmacy. I find myself falling somewhere in the middle too... with so much information (and mis-information) making it's way around it's hard to know what to think.

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