Penny's Passion: Weekending - January 8, 2021

Monday, January 11, 2021

Weekending - January 8, 2021

Looks like 2021 is starting just as rough as 2020 ended.  What an emotional week.  Hopefully, some of the craziness is behind us and we can start moving forward.  Who else was ready for a weekend?  Here's a rewind of mine ~

The first week back to work after the holidays always seems to wipe me out and this year was certainly no different.  After work on Friday, I was so looking forward to cozying up on the couch and doing absolutely nothing.  And that's exactly what I did!  Bless Eric's heart, he fixed supper and we ate in front of the TV.  Life is good!  

Saturday morning started perfectly!  Eric headed to work early (like in leaving our house at 5:30 am) and I decided to waste no time enjoying the day.  I threw in a load of laundry, brewed a cup of tea, and headed straight back to our snuggly bed to catch up reading some blogs, magazines, and emails.  Alexa had been prompted to play Greenfields and I let myself realize how lucky I am to be able to spend a few hours relaxing and doing something that makes me happy deep in my soul.  What are some things that make your soul happy?

By the time Eric got home from work, I had the laundry completely washed, dried, and put away.  I had spent enough time on the treadmill to close my exercise circle on my Apple watch and had been to the grocery store, picking up all the ingredients to cover my meal plan for the week.  And that's about where the productivity for the weekend came to a screeching halt.  

A couple of shout outs - we are in total love with our new treadmill!  We got a Bowflex at a great price over Thanksgiving weekend and have been busy racking up the miles on it ever since.  Eric and I assembled it, which was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be.  But we made it through with minimum arguing and it hasn't fallen apart yet, so I'll take that as a win!  If you're in the market for a treadmill, we highly recommend the Bowflex.

Another new item we are totally loving is the Ninja Foodi.  Eric got this for me for Christmas and it was one of my Five on Friday items a few weeks ago.  Couldn't love it more!  It has a permanent place on our counter because it folds up.  Ingenious!  It saw a lot of action this weekend making air-fried donuts, corn-on-the-cob, and shrimp.  We toast our bagels in it.  Oh, and we air-fried some steak tips with mushrooms.  I don't think there's anything this thing won't do!

Sunday was spent taking down the Christmas decorations.  Wish I could say that task was 100% complete, but I would be lying. We're probably a good 85% done.  I'm getting the bug to drag out the Valentine's decorations so hopefully, that will be the needed motivation to get the Christmas stuff put away!

We thoroughly enjoyed watching all the football games in the afternoon and into the evening.  Is your favorite team still in the hunt for a Super Bowl win?

While I was scrolling around the computer on Sunday I saw something that has me so excited.  Sex and the City is having a reboot!  Can I hear a hallelujah!  Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis (that' right, no Kim Cattrall) will begin production in late spring to film 10 episodes focusing on the trio "as they navigate the journey from the complicated reality of life and friendship in their 30s to the even more complicated reality of life and friendship in their 50s".  Thank you HBO for doing your part to make 2021 a little better.

I'm hoping to rally and make this week wonderful.  If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed like me, remember to just breathe.  Think of one thing you can do to bring a smile to your face and do that one thing.  We've got this!


  1. We are thinking of getting an air fryer. You'll have to share some of your recipes Penny,

  2. I love starting my days in bed with a book, a drink, and my laptop.

  3. I'm clicking over to check out that air fryer. Way to go with the productive Saturday! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday.