Penny's Passion: Weekending - January 29, 2021

Monday, February 1, 2021

Weekending - January 29, 2021

Again, Monday has come much faster than I had hoped it would.  Our weekend was....well, very mundane.  There were a few highlights.  Let's do a rewind ~

Friday I left work a little early to start the weekend with Eric.  He had his first full weekend off since November!  When I walked in the door, he had the most gorgeous yellow roses waiting for me.  He is such a sweetheart!

We spent the evening relaxing in front of the television.  Frankly, we were both exhausted.  I had set the alarm every day the past week at midnight to try to get Eric an appointment at Walgreen's for his covid vaccine.  No luck.  I had heard that they add appointments at midnight, so if you wanted one you need to logon at that time to try to snag one.  So, after a long week of interrupted sleep every night, we gladly spent Friday night setting on the couch doing nothing.  I grabbed a magazine and a cup of tea and was totally content.

Speaking of those covid vaccines, is anyone having luck scheduling appointments?  I would love to hear your secret to success.

Saturday morning I decided scones were in order, so I whipped up a batch.  We both worked out and had a late breakfast.  If you are looking for a good scone recipe, try THIS ONE.

It was pouring rain outside so we knew our planned activity of eagle watching was not going to happen.  We decided on watching a matinee movie in our family room instead.  The chosen movie was The Dig from Netflix.  The review:  very average.  Not bad, not great.  

Since I was already comfortable on the couch, I decided just to stay there for the rest of the day and binge Bridgerton.  Great way to spend a cold, rainy winter day!

Sunday's weather didn't really look much better for the eagle watching, so we decided to stay home.  We watched another matinee, The Little Things on HBO.  The review:  it had total thriller moments, but the ending was just confusing to me.  Have you seen it?  

The puzzle I ordered from Amazon on Thursday that I thought would arrive on Saturday finally hit our doorstep Sunday at 6:00 pm.  So much for Prime!  We immediately dumped it out on the kitchen table and started putting it together.  

Comfort food was on the menu for supper.  We made Loaded Potato Soup and served it in bread bowls we had picked up at Panera.  You can get the recipe HERE.

Hey, total random thought - My favorite pair of pumps are on sale through February 3 and you can get free shipping!  I have both the blush and taupe (each on sale for $19.99).  Love them!

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Naturalizer is also having a 30% off their sale styles with the code DECISIONTIME.  Who needs some new winter boots?

Now it's time to slay February!  I've decided that this month my goal is to cut down on my plastic bag and paper napkin use.  I bring my lunch to work every day and use way too many plastic baggies.  The food can just as easily go in a reusable container and we have plenty of cloth napkins at home.  No need to constantly be using the paper ones and throwing them away.  

Have a great week and I hope to see you back here soon!  


  1. Your weekend sounds alot like mine! I need to finish Bridgerton...I was hooked but have to be mindful of who is home when I'm watching. Keith watched the Denzel movie without me so I'll have to check it out while we have HBO this month.

  2. We spent much of our weekend inside too as it was so bitterly cold out. Your roses are beautiful!

  3. The covid vaccine situation is hard. The only people in my circle that have gotten it are my stepmom (nurse) and my brother (cop). We have a friend who somehow got it because she's a teacher but then Keith is a teacher and never got told to get it. I'm also essential with the bank and I haven't been given a chance either. I can't figure out the algorithm. The friend mentioned above was passing around a link for appointments with the county but you still have to fall in their category which again is confusing on how they allowed her to get it. I can email you the link she sent if you reply to this and you can see if it works for you guys. Also sign up with Mercy, BJC, SSM, etc on their homepages, apparently that helps too. Unfortunately I think I'll be one of the last, later this year.

  4. Penny my husband has had the first vaccine as our state was 70 and over at first, Beginning next week it will be 65 and over so i can begin looking. Try going to all your local hospital web sites and see if they have vaccine sign ups. Try joining local health portals online like Kaiser Permanente. Try looking for sign ups in all local pharmacies --even those in supermarkets. Wishing you luck!