Penny's Passion: Friends' Weekend

Monday, February 28, 2022

Friends' Weekend

This weekend was the best!  On Friday, four of my friends from Kansas City traveled across the state to spend the weekend having fun with me.  Thank heavens the weather cooperated.  The snow and ice fell a little earlier in the week, so it didn't disrupt our plans.  Here's how it went down ~

Friday was full of anticipation for the arrival of my friends.  Since I'm such a procrastinator, I had plenty to keep me busy getting ready for houseguests.  When they arrived, I wanted to have a few snacks out because dinner was going to be a little later.  

I found someone very near our house that makes decorated cookies.  She had posted a picture of her Mardi Gras cookies on Facebook and I immediately placed an order for the weekend.  How adorable are these!?!  They were perfect to have around for snacks throughout my friends' visit.

After everyone arrived and was settled, we dug into the snacks and tried a new drink I'd picked up at Sam's.  I have no idea if these are new or just new to me, but they are going to be showing up at my house a lot!  They were delicious!

Friday night our dinner location was The Fountain on Locust.  This is one of my favorite spots in St. Louis.  Half our group had been there before and were happy to be going back.  The ones that hadn't been were delighted with the choice.  You can find the most delicious dill pickle soup on their menu!  They are also known for the boozy desserts.  

The atmosphere is fun and artistic.  Pair that with their delicious food and drinks and it makes for a great spot to dine.

Saturday morning we all woke up at our leisure and had breakfast before landing at our first adventure for the day.  We had booked a 90-minute lane at The Ax Company!  This was the first time we had thrown axes and it was really fun!  

We had to sign waivers before the axes started flying.  The attendant went over the rules and gave us a few pointers on throwing.  

Don't we look like a crew of bad ass ax throwers!

I'll be honest, we threw for quite a while before anyone's ax actually stuck in the wall.  I got the first one to stick, but eventually everyone caught on and started accumulating points.

Clearly some of us were way better than others!  My first stick ended up just being beginner's luck.  Regardless, it was a fun experience and one I'd definitely do again.

From there, we did a little retail therapy then headed for someplace to get a snack.  I've been wanting to take everyone to Boarding House Bistro since first going there and Saturday was my chance.  

This place makes the most adorable charcuterie boards!  We didn't want to have a heavy lunch since we would be eating an early dinner, so this afternoon snack was perfect.  

And of course everyone was ready for a cocktail too!  My bourbon-drinking friends all had bourbon flights while I enjoyed a cocktail.

What's brilliant about Board House Bistro is while you can enjoy dining in, you can also get boards and alcohol to go.  They have quite the selection of both liquor and wine.

Time got away from us a bit and we had to rush home, change clothes and hop back in the car to get to our dinner reservations.  Saturday night we were seeing Mean Girls at the Fox Theater and had reservations at a restaurant in the Fox.  I love eating there because you beat the traffic and are there in plenty of time for the start of the show.  Oh, and the food is delicious!

The Fox Theater is a beautiful venue to watch a show.  If you're ever looking for something to do in St. Louis they also offer tours of the building.  

We saved having dessert until intermission.  Delicious!  I think my sundae was big enough to feed half the audience!

Sunday morning we again had a leisurely breakfast around the dining room table and shared stories.  I just love spending time with good friends!  The whole time with them was fun.  We shared stories, recipes, books and tv shows.  It's so good for the soul.  

We ended the time together by popping in one of our favorite stores - Fezziwig's.  When everyone leaves, I'm usually a little sad.  This time we planned another get together so I have that to look forward to!  

Eric and I spent the rest of the day watching television while finishing a puzzle we had started.  Have you seen The Afterparty?  It cracked us up!  Seriously, during one scene I laughed until I cried.  

Now it's back to reality and time to get to work.  My heart feels happy though because the weekend was so wonderful!  Being with friends is just the best and I'm so very lucky to have fun people to share laughs with.  Happy Monday!


  1. That looks like such a fun and delicious weekend! We went axe throwing for my brother's birthday this fall and it took awhile before anyone got their axe to stick too but it wasn't long before just about every caught on.

  2. It looks like you had such a fun weekend with your friends.