Penny's Passion: 2022 Christmas Card

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

2022 Christmas Card

It's the holiday season and I love getting the mail this time of year!  Pulling down the lid to the mailbox and seeing holiday cards from friends and family inside makes me so happy!  Since I don't have many of your home addresses, I'm sending you our card via this post today for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.

For the last several years, I've elected to make our cards.  This year was very simple, but I love the end result!  In case you are interested in getting into card making, let me share some of my techniques ~

The front of the card was embossed using my Cuttlebug and an embossing folder.  I've had my embossing machine for years and (knock on wood) I've never had any problems with it.  It makes cardmaking a breeze!  

After finding the message to go on the inside, it's simple to lay out the cards on an 8-1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock.  Each piece of paper makes two cards.  My handy paper cutter slices them in half.  I carted my paper cutter and cards to Des Moines with me last week and worked on them in the hotel while Eric was at his company meeting.

Another tool I love is the scoring board.  It helps put the perfect crease down the middle of the card allowing it to fold in half.  

I use spray glue to connect the paper together.  After years of trying every kind of adhesive, I've found the spray to be the best.  Pair it with the handle and it makes for fast gluing!  The handle is really key.  We use it for paint, glue, really anything that comes in a can.  

Another one of my favorite tools is the brayer.  This is not what this tool is made for, but it works wonders for rolling over the paper you are gluing together to help form a strong bond with the glue.  It's supposed to be for inking stamps.  Maybe someday I'll get around to using it for its' intended purpose!

Put it all together and you have the final product!  Merry Christmas friends.  I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting. My entries are 3 and 4.

  2. Your cards are beautiful ! What a treat for those you get one! We always sent "Three Kings" cards with the Magi on the front because it means good luck. This year I could not find ones that we liked, so went with a traditional tree card. I always enjoy getting cards and seeing photos...we include a photo of us ( this year having afternoon tea on the Viking Star) with a photoshop comment on it. This year because there is a three tiered goodie tray in the photo we wished everyone a New Year filled with delicious treats!